A Good Year for Captain Cook Museum, Whitby

Written by: Elmtree Press

This year Captain Cook Museum enjoyed a full 10% increase in visitor numbers, and its most successful year since 1997.  They welcomed 25,169 visitors (24457 paid and 712 free entry, mainly Art Fund and Max Card).

1997 saw the first visit of the Australian Endeavour when the ship could not cope with the numbers she attracted and the crowds overflowed into the Museum.  This year the increase was down to the Cook 250 anniversary,  Whitby's Cook 250 Festival, and the massive publicity generated by the Tourism Team in Scarborough.

Curiously, though they were a little up on the three days of the Festival, July was flat.  However in the next three months numbers romped away, and October was +29%.  It will be interesting to see how far this boost will be maintained next year.  2019 is another 250th anniversary, the Transit of Venus and the charting of New Zealand.  They shall mark it with a special exhibition 'Botanical Endeavours: what did Joseph Banks do on the Endeavour voyage?'.

The Museum normally closes at the beginning of November.  This year, as an experiment, they will be open Tuesdays and Saturdays during November, 1100 to 1500.  The museum reopens next year on 9 February.  Meanwhile visitors can arrange a private visit by mutual agreement, provided they are happy to walk round the odd pot of paint!