Autumn Glow at Thorp Perrow Arboretum

Written by: Elmtree Press

Thorp Perrow Arboretum, near Bedale, is set to glow with Autumn colour

The Arboretum’s collections of Acer, cotinus and liquid amber trees offer the viewer a breathtaking spectacle, with leaves in a rainbow of shades from scarlet red through oranges, yellows, golds, browns and purples.

The 100-acre Arboretum has been carefully designed to ensure that the vibrant Autumn colours are displayed at their best, with dedicated areas such as the Acer Glade, the Autumn Bays displaying the National Collection of cotinus, and Spring’s Wood.

Autumn leaf colour changes are a response by trees to cooler temperatures and reduced day length, when pigment balances in the leaves changes, and sugars build up. These sugars provide the rich autumnal colours when they are absorbed back into the tree for winter survival. This year’s wet Spring and sunny Summer have provided the ideal conditions for a spectacular Autumn show, allowing trees to build a good supply of these sugars.

Faith Douglas, Curator at Thorp Perrow Arboretum said
“We are really excited about the Autumn colours this year. The conditions during the growing season have been great for the tree collections, and we are already starting to see some of the beautiful colours emerging across the Arboretum.”

Valerie Wilson, a regular visitor to the Arboretum said
“My husband and I love to visit Thorp Perrow all year round, but Autumn is our favourite season here. The colours of the leaves are simply beautiful - in every shade you could imagine. We often bring our Grandchildren who love playing in the leaves and finding them in different shapes, sizes and colours. We always take a conker or two home, too!”

Visitors to the Arboretum can see the stunning Autumn colours at their best at the end of October and into November, or are invited to join the Curator’s ‘Autumn Tour’ on Wednesday 19th October. For more details, visit or call 01677 425323.