Written by: Little


What is pancake day?

Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday is a Christian celebration and is the last day before Lent - a 40 day fast leading up to Easter Sunday. Indulgent foods such as milk, eggs and sugar are used up before the fast to remove temptation and help observers offer penance for their ‘sins’.

Where can you celebrate Pancake Day in Yorkshire?

This year it falls on Tuesday 9th February and there are plenty of exciting things going on in Yorkshire to get involved in, along with making your own at home...

Scarborough ‘Skipping Day’

Head over to Scarborough and take part in their annual ‘Skipping Day’ where the entire beachfront becomes a hive of family fun. They even have a tradition of ringing the ‘Pancake Bell’ at noon - originally a signal for all the women in the town to start making them!

The Ripon Pancake Race

Have a giggle in Ripon at their age-old Pancake Race from 11am. The aim of the game is to run as fast as possible down Kirkgate without dropping your pancake - a traditional they’ve been keeping for 600 years!

How do I make pancakes?

It’s so easy but we can’t say it won’t be messy, here’s our simple guide:


150 of self-raising flour

1 tbsp of sugar

1 egg, lightly beaten

180ml of milk

50g of melted butter

Step by step

  1. In a big bowl mix together the flour and sugar, next beat in an egg next and then little by little whisk in the milk until the mix is smooth.

  2. Brush a little butter over a frying pan on medium heat and then add ¼ cup of mixture into the pan.

  3. When the mixture begins to lightly brown and bubble flip it and cook the other side, serve with sugar and lemon, Nutella or ice cream...or all of them frankly!