Get Creative this Christmas

Written by: Elmtree Press

Get Creative 

Christmas is an exciting time for children but for parents it is a lot of hard work, keeping to a budget, juggling work and keeping children happy.  Here are some fun and cheap ideas to keep them happy and learning part of the fun is contributing to the festivities.

Make Use of Leftover Wrapping Paper

If you are the type of person who is well organised and wraps their presents as soon as you buy them in good time for Christmas then hold on to all those spare scraps of wrapping paper.  

Children love the assortment of wrapping paper that you collect and there are tons of Christmas decorations you can make with them.  A great indoor activity for a cold and rainy day which will keep them occupied for hours. You’ll be able to make most of these with everyday household items and few easy to buy low cost extras.


Bottle and Jar Lid Decorations 

This first once is super easy to make. Materials you will need:- 

·       Leftover plastic milk bottle tops or jar lids

·       Wrapping paper to get started

·      String 

1.    For the milk tops, simply place the lids on the wrapping paper and draw around with a pencil.

2.    Next cut out the circle and glue it to the top of the milk lid.

3.    Add glue all around the sides of the lid and then wrap the string around about half way.

4.    Make a loop of about 2cm before sticking the strings back down on the side of the lid again.

5.    Wrap the string around until all the sides are covered.

For larger lids repeat the first step but this time stick the wrapping paper to the inside of the lid. There’s no need to wrap the string around the edges as it’s too thin so all you’ll need to do is glue a string loop to the back of the lid so you can hang it up wherever you like.

Mini Christmas Tree

Materials you need:-

 Wrapping paper

·        Light cardboard or poster board, light cardboard or even decorative paper.

·        Glue

·        Buttons, fringes of coloured paper even newspaper looks effective

·        Gold and silver spray paint

Roll the cardboard or decorative paper into a Cone to make a Christmas tree shape.

2.    Glue together.

3.    Then decorate with almost anything. Suggestions are to cut out strips of decorative paper and fringe it and roll around the cone. Glue on buttons or cover in glitter there are plenty of ways to create a stunning effect.


Wrapping Paper Baubles

This is super easy to make as all you’ll need is wrapping paper or tissue paper, glue and string.

Cut out 8 circles from your wrapping paper with a circumference of about 4cm. Just use whatever household items you have available to help you make a stencil.

2.    Once you have your 8 circles simply fold them in half so the white side is on the outside.

3.    Then just glue one half to the next until you have 7 circles glues together leaving the last section open.

4.    Get the string and make a large loop of about 8cm and tie a knot at the end. Now glue the inside of the last section on both sides and make sure to glue right down the middle of all the sections too. Put the string right in the middle so the know is hanging out the bottom and the loop is out the top and close the last section together to complete the bauble.


Cardboard Loo Roll Christmas Tree and Characters 

Create Father Christmas, Christmas trees and other festive characters out of loo rolls.

Materials you will need:-

Loo rolls You can make them into all sorts of characters such as Santa Claus

·       Cardboard

·       Coloured paper

·       Coloured adhesive shapes

·       Pipe cleaners

·       Cotton Wool

·       Paint

·       Glue

         If you have some red wrapping paper, a Christmas tree, an elf or the Grinch if you have some green and Rudolph if you have any brown. It doesn’t matter if they have patterns on and if anything makes them even better! You can make a snowman simply by using the white inside of any coloured wrapping paper. And you can do the same for making the eyes of any of the characters too. You’ll just need a black marker pen for the eyeballs. You may want to use some different coloured card for some of the accessories such as a hat for santa and the elves or the top for the Christmas tree.