Kynren - An epic adventure indeed!

Written by: Elmtree Press

We were lucky enough to experience Kynren near Bishop Auckland last Friday evening and wow, what an amazing production it was, including what seemed like a cast of thousands and live animals!  At 90 minutes it’s not too long for younger children and packs everything in so there is never a dull moment. The entire production is set around a lake which provides the backdrop for all the action and the use of moveable scenery and water effects creates the different historical periods. The experience takes you from Roman times right up to WWII giving a brief summary of the important historical events in between, all accompanied by fabulous and uplifting music culminating in an amazing finale including a stunning firework display.

The amount of rehearsal that goes into the performance must be phenomenal as it all ran so smoothly, fight scenes, dance numbers, galloping horses and (our favourites), the gaggle of geese all choreographed perfectly. No one could say history is dull after visiting Kynren that’s for sure!

Much as we hate to leave Yorkshire a visit to Kynren is definitely worth travelling across the border as part of your next visit to the region.

The whole event runs like clockwork and as you get closer to the site it’s well signposted. Upon booking tickets you will be given car park information and these are clearly marked too. There is park and ride available which we used and only takes a few minutes to get to the venue.
Due to huge numbers of visitors there is high security checks as you go through the entrance so make sure you only bring small bags. You are also not allowed to bring your own food and drink for this reason but there are a number of food vendors available and although a little pricey they all seemed to be of a higher standard than your average burger van!

As this is an outdoor event make sure you wrap up warm, our experience was that although it was a fairly mild evening once the sun went down it started to get chilly – blankets are available to buy at the venue though as are ponchos if there is a risk of rain. If you can, try and book the diamond seats as these are padded and are right in the centre so you can see all the action at its best!

In Summary
If you are able to, make sure you catch this while you can – there are just two performances left for this year (8th & 15th September) but we’ll update our website once the 2019 dates have been announced.

Kynren is now in the Top Five Best Performances in the UK, as ranked on TripAdvisor – currently at position No.3 – alongside world-renowned West End shows, such as The Lion King and Les Miserables