Lightwater Valley - Know Before You Go

Written by: Elmtree Press

Lightwater Valley – so great to be back

Lightwater Valley Theme park has always been one of the kids favourite tourist attractions so it was fantastic to be able to return this month.  Stricter new rules on social distancing have naturally been introduced to combat Covid-19 at all tourist attractions so it was interesting to see how these changes would affect the overall experience. Plain and simple, the kids enjoyed the park just as much as before. So what can you expect when you visit the Park this summer?

Parking – from the moment you arrive, the safety signage is prominent and even your vehicle is asked to socially distance by a car width. 

Entry – there is a large hand sanitation station at the Main Entrance and a one way barriered entry system leading up to the paying kiosks.  Queues were small and entry swift, especially as tickets must be pre-booked online in advance.  

Rides – the majority of rides are open though the Park has had to close a number of the thrill rides (The Ultimate, Raptor Attack and Apollo) to reduce visitor numbers and to enable them to manage social distancing. The focus is currently therefore to a younger family audience. That said, rides such as the Skyrider, Wild River Rapids, Flying Cutlass and Ladybird coaster will meet primary school children’s thrill needs. For the smaller children, there are an abundance of suitable rides with the Fairground and Eagle’s Creek Farm very popular. The Adventure Playground, which is absolutely huge by the way, will also keep kids well entertained. The height restrictions on some rides have recently been reviewed so it is worth looking at these online beforehand as there may be some rides that children were able to ride on in the past that they may not be able to now. We all know that there is nothing worse than a boy or girl that doesn’t reach that required height line on those size boards. Queue markers are in place on all rides to keep visitors a safe distance apart.       

Do you have to wear a Facemask? – adults and children (11 and over) have to wear a facemask on a number of rides. Signs are clear at the entrance to each ride and strictly, but politely, enforced by the Lightwater staff if you forget. Although you don’t have to wear a facemask whilst walking around the park, you do if entering the gift shop in line with the recent government guidelines.  

Sanitation Stations – they are everywhere!  In fact it is difficult to walk 50 yards without finding one. More importantly, people are using them and everything is provided. Additional cleaning and hygiene procedures are very noticeable throughout the park, including the numerous toilet facilities.

Food/Drink -  a number of take away and sit down options are available to meet most culinary needs. As an example, expect to pay around £4.95 (kids) or £7.20 (adults) for a value meal e.g. Burger, Fries and a drink. Top Tip – do not let your child have a slushy and then go on a coaster!

Verdict – thoroughly recommended. Lightwater Valley has been extremely well prepared with all safety procedures clearly in place and enforced. Despite the changes, it feels relaxing walking around and the screams of excited children haven’t changed since the last visit pre COVID-19. A reduced entrance price (£14.50) is great value with further reductions for seniors and some key workers.