Yorkshire people aren't tight!

Written by: Elmtree Press

Splashing the cash: Yorkshire are Britain’s biggest spenders on gifts  

·                     On average the northerners have spent over £660 on a gift for a loved one 
·                     The majority of Brits, either consciously or unconsciously, go shopping looking to match the estimated price of a previous gift they’ve received 
·                     Over half of UK couples have spent over £300 on a spontaneous gift for their partner

Brits have been found to do many things in the name of love, but the latest research finds that Yorkshire has topped the ranks on spending the most on a present (£663.39) for their other half.    

The survey, conducted by voucher discount site, MyVoucherCodes, looked to discover how much money we typically spend on gifts for our partners. Close behind the generous northerners was the South East (£621.27) and surprisingly lavish Londoners came in third place spending just over £600 (£611.92) on a loved one.  

It turns out, Brits are very generous lovers. On average, the most a Brit has ever spent on a present is £532.38 and even around £100 (£98.91) would be spent on a ‘smaller gift’. Yet no one, not even those in the longest relationships expect to receive a present costing more than £85.   

It was also discovered that men spend the most on their significant other for special occasions – as much as £230 more than the opposite sex in some cases.   

In fact, men were found to be the biggest spenders whatever the occasion – they averaged £100 higher on the most expensive Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthday presents.    

Chris Reilly, Managing Director of MyVoucherCodes commented: “As a nation, we love to surprise our loved ones with thoughtful gifts, however our research shows that Brits are perhaps a little overgenerous when it comes to buying them.    

While it can be fulfilling to purchase something of extravagance, the findings reveal that most Brits would happily accept a present on the cheaper end or at least matching the value of the last present they received themselves. Rather than break the bank, loved ones can save money and indulge their other half at the same time.”