Magpie Cafe Whitby

The Magpie Café is housed in a distinctive black and white building overlooking the harbour in the historic port of Whitby. The dining room commands excellent views of the harbour, Abbey and St. Mary's Church.

The Magpie Café has a long association with fishing and the shipping industry. It was built in 1750 as a Merchants House and during its history was owned by a member of the Scoresby whaling family and was for a time the pilotage where the pilots would wait for orders to bring vessels into the harbour.

The building later became Harrowings shipping office and it is from that time the magpie ghost albert is reputed to have originated. The premises were converted into a café in approximately 1939.

We took over the restaurant in 1990 from Alison's parents who in turn took over from her grandparents. We have endeavoured to keep the traditional feel and theme throughout.

In 2009 Lilliput Lane created a limited edition ornament of the Magpie Café, demonstrating how much of a Yorkshire landmark the Magpie Café has become.