Campbell’s of Leyburn


Our famous store on Leyburn Market Place has evolved over 150 years and 5 generations of Campbell’s to offer its own distinctive style of supermarket shopping.

We offer stress free access to a vast range of different products and mouth-watering surprises such as:

• A range of own-label and every day groceries
• Innovative products from start-ups and artisans
• Succulent local meat from ‘Dales’ farmers
• National and international delicacies on a First-class delicatessen counter
• An extensive choice of artisan and mainstream cheeses from around the world
• A range of ready meals created by our butchers
• An unrivalled selection of world-wide wines and spirits
• Beer and spirits from craft breweries and distillers
• Local fresh milk from our vending machine ………. and there is so much more in store.