Sophie Hamilton Pottery


Sophie Hamilton converted redundant farm buildings into her pottery in 1991. Here she makes a range of colourful, functional stoneware pots. The range includes mugs, jugs, bowls, plates, vases and platters. The most characteristic feature of her work is the decoration, each pot is individually hand decorated with rich coloured glazes and patterns. Sophie sells all her work direct from the pottery. A warm welcome awaits visitors to the pottery shop.

Sophie Hamilton combines function with decoration to create an exciting range of handmade pots.

Our popular handmade pottery is made using traditional methods to produce a unique item. A perfect gift for yourself or others!

The pots are either hand thrown, jollied or press moulded depending on their shape and size. After a drying out period they are bisq. fired then dipped in a base glaze. Each pot is then individually hand decorated using brushes, sponges and slip trailors to apply layers of different coloured glazes.

The final firing is in a reducing atmosphere, reaching a temperature of 1300˚C, this creates the wonderful rich diffusion of colours that so characterises Sophie’s work.