Explore the longest show cave in Britain. See underground waterfalls, flowstone, and the massive ice-age cavern decorated with thousands of stalactites. Spectacular location in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. White Scar Cave is the longest show cave in Britain. The tour begins near the original entrance found by Christopher Long, a student who discovered the cave in 1923.

The trail winds its way past cascading waterfalls, between massive banks of flowstone, and through galleries decorated with cream- and carrot-coloured stalactites and stalagmites. Guides lead visitors along the well-lit paths and explain the features, pointing out curious cave formations such as the Devil’s Tongue, the Arum Lily, and the remarkably lifelike Judge’s Head.

The highlight of the tour is the 200,000 year old Battlefield Cavern. Access to the Battlefield was achieved in 1991 by mining a link tunnel. Over 330 feet long, with its roof soaring in places to 100 feet, this is one of the largest caverns in Britain. It contains literally thousands of stalactites, which hang from the roof in great clusters. A special feature of the cavern are the prehistoric mud pools, which have never been disturbed by man. The tour takes eighty minutes and covers one mile.

The visitor centre has an eco-friendly turf roof, and an alpine-style café with views over the Dales to the sea. The shop stocks fine rock and mineral specimens, jewellery, and much more besides. There is also a grassy picnic area with benches, and a large tarmac car park. White Scar Cave has a spectacular location in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, yet it is only 17 miles from the M6 motorway.

Opening Times
February 1st to October 31st: Every day from 10am
November 1st to January 31st: Saturdays & Sundays from 10am
First tour at 10:20am
Last tour at 4pm