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Mike Smith Printmaker

About This Artist

I am a printmaker focussing my work mostly through the medium of lino block printing.

Originally from Liverpool, Itrained at Liverpool and Newport Colleges of Art as a graphic designer. I was then drawn to teaching and worked happily for many years for the Leeds Education Authority. Married to the painter Julia Keates,we were based in Headingley. Recently, however, we have moved to the centre of Addingham - and have designed and had built a beautiful studio extension to our new home.

A member of the West Yorkshire Print Workshop, my work is always developed from my own drawn or photographic observations. Although not exclusively so, I use a ‘reduction’ process that has employed up to fifteen different colour printing stages but only one printing block.  Lino printing has a particular fascination for me. I enjoy the ’primitive immediacy’ of the process that, in essence, is little changed from the earliest forms of printmaking. There is also the intellectual exercise of manipulating the image appropriately for the medium. I am also excited by the serendipitous nature of the process; no matter the extent of planning, the process itself will not be denied its own massive contribution to the final outcome through unexpected textures, strength or delicacy of line, tone or colour balance.

My work in 2015 hasfollowedseveral different themes.My love of birds and flight, (perhaps as consequence of my own experiences as a glider pilot) continues, as does myfascinationwith water in all its various moods. For a recent exhibition my subject matter was aspects of a redundant textile mill. I now intend to further explore the heritage of our built environment as a theme for future work.

My work is on view and sale in a number of galleries in the Leeds and Yorkshire area. My portfolio and an extended explanation of the processes I use can be viewed on my website –