Yorkshire Nature Triangle

Visit Britian's best kept wildlife secret and encounter everything from otters to puffins, whales to red kites.

Enjoy the incredible wildlife, breath-taking natural encounters and warm welcome that make a visit to the Yorkshire Nature Triangle unforgettable. From puffins and seabirds nesting spring to swirling flocks of birds in winter, there is always something remarkable waiting for you to find.

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    An area of East Yorkshire stretching from cliffs of Flamborough to the Humber Estuary and the Yorkshire Wolds, combining more than 20 of the region’s most exciting wildlife-watching locations with a chance to encounter everything from puffins and otters, to whales and red kites.

    Perhaps Britain’s best-kept wildlife secret, a visit to any of the amazing locations in the Yorkshire Nature Triangle brings a chance to discover some our most sought-after and favourite wildlife. From the ever-popular puffin near Bridlington – alongside our biggest seabird, the gannet, down through the Yorkshire Wolds where you may just be under the watchful eye of a red kite. Otters patrol the River Hull in Holderness, and offshore from the imposing 400ft chalk cliffs of the Yorkshire headlands, magnificent minke whales and other sea life delight in summer. The quiet tranquillity of the Humber Estuary’s reed-fringed wetlands provide a home for rare bitterns, avocets and marsh harriers, whilst the unique three-mile long wild expanse of Spurn is the perfect place to escape for an adventure.

    Yorkshire Nature Triangle project office, 1 St Georges Place, York , YO24 1GN


    For detailed directions to any of the locations in the Yorkshire Nature Triangle, visit the website.

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