Cannon Hall Barnsley

Cannon Hall is a fine example of a grand stately home that was developed to its grand proportions through the riches gained by a family in the 18th Century.

The family in question, in the case of Cannon Hall, was the Spencer family who gained their wealth in the iron and coal industry of South Yorkshire.

The site dates back at least as far as the Domesday Book which shows there was a house on the site in 1086. However none of the current structure is thought to date back to that time.

The Hall itself gets its name from Gilbert Canun who lived there in the 13th century.  By the late 14th Century the house was in the hands of the Bosville family.

While today there might be an ethereal and a romantic feel to the surroundings, the house holds a dark secret; a gruesome murder that took place somewhere in the late 14th century. The story will definitely intrigue all the lovers of history, who will want to find out more about it.

Cannon Hall was purchased by the Spencer family in 1660 and the wealth the family gained through local industry allowed them to rebuild the house at the start of the 18th Century.