An exhibition of work inspired by and created from our local landscapes. Sharing connections and stories. This is the first time Martin and Siobhan have exhibited together.

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    Confluences at Farfield Mill marks the first joint exhibition by Ambleside based Martin and Siobhan of the award winning Miles-Moore Ceramics Studio. The work reflects a confluence of ideas between their work and that of digital artists Naomi Saka and Rich Stevens, promising to be a spectacular exhibit of ceramics and digital visual art.
    The inspiration for Martin and Siobhan’s ceramics is the surrounding landscape of Farfield Mill and the heritage the Mill represents. The work reflects the colours, texture, and movement of fell, water and wool.
    Marbled, agateware or neriagi vases of two contrasting clays, wedged and kneaded to produce flowing, spiral lines in finished pieces, reflect the unselfconscious wave patterns of dales wind or water flowing. Embellished textures using found and foraged materials, develop interesting and curious surface textures. Earthy hues from special glazes using local minerals, ores and industrial waste, reflect a rich geological history of the area.
    Martin and Siobhan’s work present us with a narrative inspired by the dramatic environment, of calm and chaos.
    Confluence was inspired by the book of the same name that Martin worked on along with Euan Adamson, photographer and Geo Cox, poet, and playwright.  The book documents the challenge offered to them to capture their response to Martins work and ask the reader to explore their relationship with craft and beauty. This confluence of ideas, materials and inspiration between other creative artists inspired this new exhibition, a collaboration between ceramicists and talented digital creatives. Naomi Saka of Interaktions Design and Rich Stevens of Design Real, both work in the innovative and expressive world of concept design and development, using digitised images and light installation to help explore the concepts of Martin and Siobhan’s work.
    Naomi Saka, commented:
    “Rich and I selected the reoccurring theme of light, which as you will discover runs through the work the couple create. We wanted to explore this rich theme and in order to do so we used light forms to create an immersive storytelling experience, creating a real time rendered light sculpture. As a result, this collaboration explores a number of possibilities, fusing both the analogue and digital mediums to craft truly innovative artforms.’’
    Confluences at Farfield Mill by Miles-Moore Ceramics runs 4 September - 1 November 2020. Entry to the exhibition and the Mill is free. Copies of the book  'Confluences' with ceramics by Martin Miles-Moore, poetry by Geoff Cox and photographs by Euan Adamson will be available to buy in the gallery.
    Images used should be credited Euan Adamson.
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    Free entry (donations welcome)

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    Open Thursday - Sunday 10.30am - 4pm, please visit for more information


    Farfield Mill Garsdale Road, LA10 5LW

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