JORVIK Viking Centre

The Herefordshire Hoard is currently on display at JORVIK Viking Centre!

Loaned to York Archaeology from Herefordshire Council, the Hoard is well known for being discovered in 2015 by metal detectorists near Leominster. It is believed that 90% of the hoard has been illicitly sold on the black market, with the perpetrators since sentenced to over 23 years in prison.

The Herefordshire Hoard currently consists of 29 silver coins, unique gold jewellery, a remarkably well-preserved rock crystal pendant and a single silver ingot

This incredible hoard will be available to view at JORVIK Viking Centre until Summer 2024.

A Brief History

Over the last 30 years we have welcomed over 20 million visitors, all curious to learn about the Vikings. In the process, we have revolutionised the heritage attraction experience, bringing the past to life like never before. Our ride takes you through the reconstructed city of Jorvik filled with 360-degree views allowing you to become fully immersed in the Viking Age. After, you can visit our state-of-the-art gallery that displays some significant Viking-age artefacts in the UK.

Hidden Gems and Interesting Facts

At JORVIK Viking Centre you are standing on the site of one of the most famous and astounding discoveries of modern archaeology. Between the years 1976-81 archaeologists from York Archaeological Trust, an independent educational charity, revealed the houses, workshops and backyards of the Viking-Age city of Jorvik as it stood nearly 1,000 years ago.

What We Offer Our Visitors

JORVIK Viking Centre is built on the very site where the excavations had taken place, creating a groundbreaking visitor experience where you take a journey through the reconstruction of Viking-Age streets and experience life as it would have been in 10th century York.

Accessibility and Disabled Facilities

There is step-free access to the entrance and throughout the building. There is a lift between floors and an accessible toilet. All staff have disability awareness and Autism Awareness training whilst some staff have BSL training.

Glass doors have contrast markings. We have interpretation available in level 1 translation and in large print. Some parts of the building have low lighting, though you can borrow a handheld lamp.

Visual stories are available to download on our website and we have paper copies at our front desk.

We have a hearing loop on all our ride capsules and at our “pod” area.

We have a complimentary ticket policy for carers and personal assistants, and all tickets are valid for one year, allowing as many returns and re-entries as you like.

Seating is available throughout the building, and we have sensory packs for you to use at our front desk.

01904 615505
19 Coppergate, York YO1 9WT
Please see website for opening times and prices

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