New exhibition opens at Eden Camp Modern History Museum showcasing the covert missions of the Human Torpedo

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Photo credit – Charlotte Graham Photography

Eden Camp Modern History Museum are thrilled to announce another exciting new project has been completed, working in partnership with Technically Creative!

Following on from the success of the Blitz Experience launched in April 2022, Eden Camp have enhanced their museum once again with even more immersive technology from Technically Creative’s ‘Experience Design Team’.

The team have created a modern aesthetic to encompass a rare piece of history – the Human Torpedo. Combining up to date AV technology and original war relics, they have brought to life a forgotten part of the war.

“We felt that the Human Torpedo displays had been somewhat neglected since its opening by Prince Philip in November 2012, as they are housed in the Mess Huts used for break rooms and school groups.” Howard Johnson, Financial Director at Eden Camp says, “So with the popularity of the Blitz Experience, and the Human Torpedo display’s 20th anniversary, we thought what better way to celebrate these rare items than to dedicate a fantastic new hut to them.”

Quite possibly one of the riskiest inventions seen during the war, this rare collection of machinery saw new technology and new tactics meet, in an attempt to change the story of war.  Sending Charioteers on these Human Torpedo’s, underwater to attach bombs to the underside of enemy ships whilst moored up in harbours meant this was a perilous job! Only 100 men were selected for this top-secret mission to which only 25 survived. With the help of the Archive team from Eden Camp, they have recreated this dangerous story, immersing the senses with a mixture of animation, AI and special effects.

“The exciting thing about working with a well-respected client and museum such as Eden Camp, is the breadth of knowledge and materials the staff have provided to us, thus enabling us to create a thematic landscape, which is not only historically accurate, and educational, but realistic and thought provoking.” Eleanor Oxberry-Breakwell, Project & Contracts Manager, TCIT says, “We can’t wait for visitors to enjoy yet another 360-degree moment in history!”

Eden Camp is welcoming the new development following the announcement of winning Best Educational Day Out Award 2022 from Global 100 Program and becoming a finalist for the Sustainable Tourism Award 2022 in the Yorkshire Post Tourism Awards.

The hut is now open for all to visit and learn all about the covert missions of the Human Torpedo!

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