Meet the Makers - Jo Garlick and Lynn Ward

Meet the Makers - Jo Garlick and Lynn Ward

Water is an exhibition exploring two different Artists’ observations and interpretations of the theme of water. Rivers, ponds, waterfalls, clouds, puddles and the wildlife within North Yorkshire’s waterways inspire both Jo Garlick and Lynn Ward. Their unique styles complement each other to bring an interesting exhibition of the natural world.

Lynn paints in both oil and acrylic likes to portray a sense of movement and light. She is drawn to contrasts, such as stormy skies or shapes and shadows created by a gate, stone wall or a bridge.

Jo works in soft pastels, and is especially interested in British wildlife. She loves the flexibility that pastel offers and enjoys experimenting with different techniques and ideas to portray texture, movement and light.

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March 3, 2024 – March 3, 2024

Farfield Mill, Garsdale Road, Sedbergh, Cumbria, LA10 5LW

April 18, 2024 – November 3, 2024

North Yorkshire Moors Railway, 12 Park Street, Pickering, North Yorkshire YO18 7AJ
Whitsun at the NYMR

May 27, 2024 – June 2, 2024

12 Park Street, Pickering YO18 7A

August 14, 2024 – August 18, 2024

Thorp Perrow, Bedale DL8 2PR