Ingleborough Cave & Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail

Ingleborough Cave was discovered in 1837 by Victorian explorers who drained a lake and discovered 1/2km of unexplored passages delving deep beneath Ingleborough, with only candles to guide them! Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail is the gateway to the U.K’s most stunning limestone scenery, with walking routes for all ages and abilities, including Ingleborough summit.

Ingleborough Cave was discovered in 1837 by brave & pioneering Victorian explorers. The landowners immediately began showcasing the cave to friends, family and locals, and soon after it became a tourist attraction.

James Farrer, who discovered the cave, was one of the first people recorded to study rates of growth in caves. In his diary of the discovery and the following months, called ‘The Cavebook’, he measured stalactites and stalagmites at regular intervals. This is likely one of the earliest records of Speleology, which is a study of caves.

In 2002, the tooth of a Woolly Rhinoceros was found by cavers digging at the end of the showcave. Now long extinct, these huge animals were roaming around Ingleborough during the last ice age.

Dogs are more than welcome on the nature trail, in the cave and at The Old Sawmill Cafe, providing they’re kept on a lead.

Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail was opened to the public in 1970, and is the gateway to some of the U.K’s most stunning limestone scenery including Trow Gill gorge, Gaping Gill pothole, limestone pavements, the Norber Erratics and ultimately the summit of Ingleborough, one of the famous Yorkshire Three Peaks.

The trail has walking routes for all ages and abilities, with handy walking guides available free of charge on site or online. All terrain electric mobility scooters can be reserved free of charge for use on the trail.

A marvellous collection of rhododendrons add splashes of colour to the trail from March through to June, along with the bluebells.

Suitable for robust single width prams.

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The Old Sawmill Cafe sits at the entrance to Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail, in Clapham village. The heritage & history of the building has been beautifully preserved, providing a fascinating backdrop for visitors to immerse themselves in whilst enjoying use of the café. Expect great coffee, delicious tray bakes, and an ever changing breakfast & lunch menu using a range of seasonal, fresh & local food.

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Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail, Riverside, Clapham LA2 8DS
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